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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Neuroscience News gives yet more evidence against the foolish Darwinian notion that random changes all added up in the end to new organisms or new features of existing ones. The study of human skulls cited shows that changes occurred in a co-ordinated fashion,and therefore must have been the result of intelligent processing. If they had occurred randomly, piecemeal, we would not have the brains needed to do any studies of anything...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


ScienceDaily reports that Columbia University Medical Centre (CUMC) researchers have found the first direct evidence that an acquired trait can be inherited without any DNA involvement. The findings suggest that Lamarck, whose theory of evolution was supposed to have been eclipsed by Darwin's, may not have been entirely wrong.

'In our study, roundworms that developed resistance to a virus were able to pass along that immunity to their progeny for many consecutive generations,' reported lead author Oded Rechavi, PhD, associate research scientist in biochemistry and molecular biophysics at CUMC. 'The immunity was transferred in the form of small viral-silencing agents called viRNAs, working independently of the organism's genome.'

And were passed on for at least a hundred generations.

It is nice to have yet more evidence for what this blog has asserted all along. How long will it take for the Darwin-worshippers, the random-mutations priesthood, to admit the truth--that Darwin was wrong?