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Thursday, February 3, 2011


‘I think; therefore I am’&EMDASH;Descartes famous quotation can be assigned a new meaning in biodevelopment, the better term for 'evolution'. For what is happening constantly in our brain is a copy of the process. The brain constantly processes and evaluates data coming in from the external and internal environment, it eliminates what is unnecessary and illogical, it tries many possibilities, even outlandish ones in dreams, and arrives at its conclusions. A vast sifting process is going on constantly in order to arrive at the conclusions best-fitted to the circumstances, present and future.

The difference is that our thinking can be distorted by bad upbringing, both external and internal, but the process of evolution is far more sensible (spontaneous abortion and unsurvivable disease weed out the failures).

Just as the organism alters its behaviour to benefit it in changing circumstances, so too does that which makes up the organism--all the way down to biomolecular level.